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FMCG Industry

It is an immutable record. It cannot be changed, only added to. It cuts out intermediaries. No tellers, clerks, or delays It is secure, but to hack a blockchain, one need to hack every device involved in the blockchain, at the same time. Increase farmer income. Enable access to Insurance and Loan Access to new products and services.

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Banking & Financial Services

Smart Contracts Smart Assets, Clearing and Settlement. Payments Digital Identity. Reduced risk of fraud and lower compliance costs. Better customer service by improving timeliness of claims’ processing and payments!

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Payment through Cryptocurrency Certification on the Blockchain E-portfolio for all Academic Credentials Blockchain helps protect intellectual property. Blockchain makes educational transactions transparent. Educational donations can be tracked by blockchain.


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Distributed ledger Smart contracts. Assets transfer. Reduce risk of fraud / theft. Help manage debt recovery. Increase transparency in price changes and fees. Improve efficiency.

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Healthcare. National Identity Management Systems. Tax and Internal Revenue Monitoring. Voting. Secure Banking Services. Building Trust with Citizens. Reducing Costs & Improving Efficiency.

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Payment Processing. Automated Customer Service. Supply Chain and Inventory Management. Payments and accounting. Advertising and consumer data. Reducing fraud and counterfeit. Increasing Transparency Validity of Brands, E-commerce,Accuracy.

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